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4 feet Gold Large Round Metal Cake Dessert Display Stand Wedding Arch Backdrop

$199.99 $280.49

Celebrate your day with something that is both decorative and functional! This stylish metal round large cake stand will make a stunning display for your weddings, birthdays, parties or any special gatherings. With 4 panels to hold your cakes, desserts, potted plants, and flower vases, this elegant display stand will elevate the look of your party setting. This versatile stand can also be paired with balloons and fairy lights to create the perfect backdrop for your events. The possibilities are endless.

Each order is for one (1) cake stand.
Shipped with 2 large, 2 medium and 1 small panels.
Height: approx. 48.5 inches.
Width: approx. 14.5 inches.
Length: approx. 46 inches.
Top panel length: approx. 29.5 inches.
Second panel length: 25.5 inches.
Third panel length: 18 inches.
Bottom panel length: approx. 28.5 inches.
Panels width: approx. 13.45 inches.
Panel thickness: approx. 1mm.
Requires a small assembly.
This display stand comes with a screwdriver and assembly instructions.
Material: Metal.
Candles, flowers and other decorations are not included.