Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is coming up soon! Fall is our favorite time of year and Halloween is just the icing on the cake - dressing up in costumes, monster movies, and so much more. It’s a great time to spend some quality time with your kids and earn some brownie points by organizing a Halloween party!

Decorate with Balloons! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog


We all know that you need to get spooky when decorating for Halloween. Prepare to cover your house or venue in ghosts and ghouls. It’s super easy to cut them out of craft paper and decorate your home. But of course, you can also use fake spiderwebs, bats, skeletons or witch mannequins. All of these are the core of the party. They set the mood for everything else.

Want to go beyond the basics? We have just the thing for you if you want your party to be the highlight of this Halloween.

The key to this is quite simple. Stick to what works best at other types of parties. Things like balloons, streamers and fairy lights aren’t that common at Halloween parties, but you would be surprised at how well they work. They make a party go from bland to fun. This is mainly because they give you the ability to play with colors.

It’s common knowledge that the colors of Halloween are black, orange and purple. You can easily set the theme with them, especially by using the suggested items. If you use a black tablecloth and an orange table runner then that’s already a good start. It sets the mood and makes you feel everything you should during fall. So, where could purple come in? Easy - lights. By illuminating rooms purple you are already creating a dark spooky atmosphere (without having to rent a fog machine!) and it can make a party really stand out.


This is where it all gets tricky. You need to prepare dishes that are at least slightly connected to Halloween or spooky in some sense. If you asked our kids what they wanted to eat, the answer would be - candy! (Don’t worry, we’ll get to treats later!) Let’s look at some ideas that are yummy but remain relevant during Halloween.

Caramel Applies! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog

Candied Apple with a Twist

Caramel and apples make an awesome combo, but drenching the full apple can get way too sweet. For a slightly healthier option - don’t dip the apples, simply drizzle them. That way, this treat will be less sugary and much more healthy.

Instead of just caramel, use chocolate and peanut butter as well. Children will love this flavor combo and the variety, especially if you add sprinkles. Make sure to ask your guests about allergies ahead of time if you're planning on using peanut butter!

Pumpkin Pie

Most parents tend to forget this delicious dish. We don’t understand why though, as it’s tasty, healthy and children will love it. You really can’t go wrong with any kind of recipe including pumpkin, but we highly suggest this one from Ambitious Kitchen.

Blood Orange Punch

For adults, this will be the perfect cocktail, for children, it will be a fun drink. The only difference is the alcohol. You can easily find recipes online for different types of blood orange punch, as they are very popular nowadays.

This drink is very flashy and will draw anyone in if you place a couple of orange slices on the glass rim, or strawberries for a delicious treat.

But if you want to make dinner time even better, then you need to add a few supplies. Things like paper straws, napkins, plates, plastic utensils and other disposable items will save you a lot of trouble. They will spare you the dishwashing and cleaning up, and take the stress out of extra guests dropping by. Because of this, you will be safe from all the anxiety that comes with trying to make sure you have enough dinnerware. You can just simply enjoy the party the same as anyone else - and not worry about kids and shattered plates. The best part is that you can use any extras for your next birthday, tailagate party (it's football season after all!) or picnic.


When it comes to Halloween parties, you can really great creative! Grab your friends or have the kids stage a costume contest - with the winner getting a special treat like a basket of treats, movie tickets, or even a special DIY trophy!

Dessert Bar! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog

Trick or Treat Dessert Bar

You absolutely need to have this at your party if you don’t plan on trick or treating with your guests. Adults appreciate it and you will have a much easier job with kids - they can even decorate their treats baskets at the party!

Party Time! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog

Face Painting

If you have an artsy side then you can offer face painting at your party. You can always hire someone for this sort of stuff as well, that works just fine. This is something that works for kids’ parties, although if you have friends that are children at heart then we are sure that they will appreciate such an activity too.

Since Halloween is all about dressing up, it’s very likely that most people will already have their make-up done. Because of this, we suggest letting your guests know beforehand so they can be prepared.

Monster Movie Marathon

Put on some classics or some new horror movies. Anything works as long as the whole group is cozied up in front of the TV. For this one don’t forget to have: popcorn and Halloween themed cookies.

Some ideas on what to watch: Ghostbusters, Hell Fest, Halloween (all of them), Friday the 13th and finally… Zombieland, just to make sure there’s a comic relief at the end. For lovers of classics, don’t forget Universal’s monster movies. For kids, depending on the age range - Hocus Pocus, Casper, Hotel Transylvania, and (our favorite) The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Decorating! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog
Party Favors! Totally Spooky Halloween Party Ideas | Balsa Circle Blog

No matter how you decide to celebrate, we wish you a very Happy Halloween! Make sure to share your party decorating ideas with us or leave any tips for our creative community in the comments. Follow us on Instagram @BalsaCircle and let us know how you plan on decorating for Halloween! 

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