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Tips for Fall Home Decor

Tips for Fall Home Decor

Getting your home ready for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful! Here are a few ideas and tips to get you inspired!

If you’re hosting upcoming celebrations like Thanksgiving, now’s the time to check your linens, serving dishes, and silverware. If your family grew this year (congratulations!) and you’ll have extra guests, think about adding some disposable tableware - you can reuse the plates for more than one occasion, clean up is easy, and you won’t worry about not having enough place settings. As for table linens, it’s time to pull them out of the closet. It’s possible they’ll need to be run through the wash or taken to the dry cleaner’s for extra care.

These quick looks at your current inventory will help you decide if you need to add more to your collection or simply give them a thorough cleaning.

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Here’s how the Balsa Circle community is getting ready:

My decor tip is candles tucked among pinecones, mini pumpkins and autumn leaves..real or fake.” - Suzi @desert_dance

I have a year round garland on my fireplace mantle and decorate it with flowers and twigs, pumpkins, etc for the fall season~Then comes Christmas decorating ;-) “ - Linda, @ladyknight6

I like decorating with lots of neutral colors with pops of orange.” - Sarah, @sarahosborne12

If you’re like us, you can’t wait for the holidays but there’s still a whole month before December festivities officially begin. Why not take this time to get creative with fall home decorations? Even a simple wreath at the door can set a welcoming atmosphere. Your guests are sure to appreciate all the extra touches you put into your space!

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For small spaces, think about dressing up your windows with fall ivy leaves or simply setting a few pumpkins on the table as a centerpiece. If you have a mantel, set out smaller pumpkins and candle holders for a modern look. Adding candles to any centerpiece or home decor will really make your space have that warm comfy feeling. Fall is a great time to play with textures too, from cozy knits to rustic burlap touches. Maybe you’re tired of all the orange colors after Halloween so try some deep burgundy or chocolate brown hues.

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Keep in mind that you may not have enough time for any of this, especially if you’re planning a wedding or focused on the holidays ahead. That’s ok too! We only have so much energy in the day. Enlist your family to help, or make a to do list. Start decorating the bigger rooms first, where guests are more likely to venture, and go from there.

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Finally, remember to indulge and celebrate all your hard work with a cup of tea or apple cider! If you found these tips helpful, let us know in the comments or share your home decor ideas!

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