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Table Overlay Sizing Guide

Table Overlay Sizing Guide

If you've been wanting to take your event decor to the next level, try pairing your table decorations with a table overlay! You can use overlays over table linens to create a stylish display and add texture and style to your event tables. Together with your beautiful centerpieces and table setting, a bit of color will bring a new sense of energy and playful elegance to your event.

So what's an overlay? A fabric overlay is simply a smaller tablecloth or square table topper which usually goes over a longer tablecloth. They can be used on round or rectangular tables, so you can really get creative with your table decorations! If you re-use your tablecloths or rent them out, overlays can be used to hide any previous stains (it happens!) and you can pair them with a table runner in a variety of color combinations.

You can use square overlays for most tables or smaller round tablecloths for round tables. To find the right overlay, make sure you know your table size (width, length and height) so we recommend that you measure your tables before purchasing linens. 

Here's the formula for overlays to use with a round table - 

(Overlay Length - Your Table Diameter) / 2 = Overlay Drop

If you are measuring for a rectangular table, the formula is similar -

(Overlay Length - Your Table Length) / 2 = Overlay Drop

Your overlay will arrive folded so be sure to leave time to steam away any folds before your event! Here's a quick go-to overlays guide you can save for your reference to use with standard size 30" tall tables.Balsa Circle Table Overlay Sizing Chart - Quick Reference GuideHere are the some common sizes and pairings -

48" round tables (seats 6) : use 60" x 60" or 72" x 72" overlays.

60" round tables (seats 8) : use 72" x 72" overlays or 90" round tablecloths.

72" round tables  (seats 10) : 90" x 90" overlays or 108"round tablecloths.

6' banquet tables (seats 6) : use 60" x 60" overlays.

Let us know if you have any other questions about overlay sizing or pin this sizing guide for later!

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Feb 09, 2023

What is the best way to get out wrinkles in organza overlays and how should I store them before the wedding

Pam Sawhook
Feb 09, 2023

I have a 55” round with 30” drop. Total 115”. (Undercloth). My client wants the square over cloth square to have the corner about 10” above floor. What is the finished size of the square over cloth. ? I also will have two inch ruffle on square.
Please help! Thanks ever so much!

carole holt

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