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Easy Halloween Party & Decor Ideas

Easy Halloween Party & Decor Ideas

Get ready for Halloween with easy decor ideas! From fun Halloween favor bags to sparkling black sequins, you can try these DIYs for your party and set up a (not-so-gloomy) treats bar or mix and match to add to your home decor.

Let's start with door decorations. No need to run out and get an expensive wreath, you can make one with just cardboard, a couple feather boas, hot glue, and a satin ribbon - that's it! You can also add a pair of googly eyes or pumpkins for an extra finishing touch!

If you have an old frame, it's time to bring it out and create a spooky Halloween display! To make this DIY, we used hot glued individual manzanita tree branchesto the old frame and then decorated them with tulle circle ghosts. Place it above your treats table if you're planning a Halloween party or simply decorate your home for Halloween! If you don't have an old frame, this DIY will also work with manzanita trees or individual branches in a vase - it's the perfect time to get creative!

Watch our video below for more ideas or let us know in the comments how you'll be decorating for Halloween! If you'd like to see more ideas, stop by our Pinterest board.

Balsa Circle Easy Halloween Treats Ideas

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No time for decorating? No problem! We have two super simple Halloween costume headbands - perfect if you're short on time but still want to get dressed up! Simply pair with a black t-shirt and you're good to go. Watch the last minute ideas below and don't forget to pick up some feather boas for your DIYs!

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