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Create a Gorgeous DIY Menorah for Hanukkah

Create a Gorgeous DIY Menorah for Hanukkah

Celebrate Hanukkah with a gorgeous menorah that's perfect for the fireplace mantel! With only a few things like candles and votive holders needed for this minimalist look, you'll be ready to share your traditions with family and guests!

This year, Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, begins on December 2nd (only a few days away!) and ends December 10th. The festival is observed by lighting the candles of a candelabrum with nine branches, called a Hanukkah menorah (or hanukkiah). There are gifts exchanged every night, and many rituals and unique traditions celebrated. We used silver foil, white, and royal blue colors in our DIY but you can also add gold accents. Blue and white colors hold a special place in traditional decorations as white will symbolizes light and peace while blue stands for truth and faith.

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As you can see, the middle candle has to be higher so we put craft sand inside, then placed the candle on top and filled the candle holder with sand. It's not secured with a glue dot as the other candles, it is used to light the other candles. Alternatively, you can cut the rest of the candles down a little bit so they are lower in height.

You can also add gift bags in blue or white to give out as presents or place the menorah on a matching tablecloth for a beautiful display. No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a wonderful Hanukkah! 

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