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Choosing the Right Backdrop Stand for your Party

Choosing the Right Backdrop Stand for your Party

With so many backdrop options to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re planning your wedding reception or party! With this easy list, you can choose the best backdrop stand (and decor idea!) for your event decor. Why use a backdrop? Backdrops help create just the right atmosphere for your event and they really transform any space with easy. You can use backdrops as a photo booth or altar decor.

To start, you want to consider the space you’ll need to decorate, for example if your altar or venue has measurement restrictions. Remember, most backdrops stands are at least 4ft wide and you’ll want to leave some room for leg supports.

Best for Altar: 90" x 55" White Decorative Metal Wedding Arch

Best for Budget: 8 feet x 10 feet Photo Backdrop Stand Kit + 2 Free Backdrops

Is your event outdoors and in a high traffic area? In that case, you may way to upgrade to a premium stand with a sturdy base to deal with any wind or your guests possibly bumping into it. Another option is to add some weights to the stand, such as sandbags.

Best Premium: 10 ft x 10 ft Heavy Duty Adjustable Pipe and Drape Kit Backdrop Support Stand

Best for a Unique Space or Event: 11 ft Heavy Duty Adjustable Curved Pipe and Drape Kit Backdrop Support Stand

If a free standing backdrop stand is not right for your event, consider using a ceiling drape. You’ll need a canopy hoop and sheer voile fabric drape. The look is truly breathtaking!

Balsa Circle Ceiling Wedding Decor

Once you’ve measured your space and decided on the type of stand you’ll need, it’s on to the fun part - decorating! From fabrics to floral wall panels, you can really get creative here! You can even use big sequin tablecloths with clips at the top bar as a backdrop for most stands.


To recap, before you purchase your backdrop stand, here are the questions you'll need to consider:

  • 1. How big is the space you're putting the stand?
  • 2. Is it a high traffic area, meaning will a lot of people be passing by the stand?
  • 3. Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • 4. Do you prefer the look of a fabric backdrop or a flower wall? 

We hope this FAQ inspires your event decor! Tag us @BalsaCircle or #BalsaCircle with your backdrop or photo booth decorations, or comment below if you have any other questions!

Dec 08, 2022

Choosing the right backdrop stand for your party is most important if you want to make your event more stunning and appealing. Nice blog, one will definitely learn many things about backdrop stand after reading this blog.


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