One of our most asked question is: “Can I use folding chair covers for banquet chairs?” The answer is, no. Banquet chairs have a different design than folding chairs, and so do the chair covers. The good news? Depending on the design, they are often the same price! If you're planning an event, we hope to help you figure out which chair cover you might need.

First, examine the chair you have and will need covers for to determine which style it is. Since they are designed to be foldable, folding chairs have a slanted back. Banquet chairs on the other hand, have a straight back to them.

Banquet vs Folding Chairs - How to Choose the Right Chair Cover | Banquet Chairs -

You’ll also need to measure the chair - you’ll want to know the chair back, seat and height measurements before making your purchase.

Banquet vs Folding Chairs - How to Choose the Right Chair Cover | Folding Covers -

After determining what style of chair you have (banquet, folding, or other), you can review the measurements of the chair covers to decide if they will work for your chairs.

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Not sure if any of these will fit your chairs? That's ok! You can use universal chair covers if you'd like to cover your chairs. They go over the chair like a pillowcase so they will fit most chairs.

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We hope this helpful guide help you plan the wedding or special event of your dreams! Tag us @BalsaCircle or #BalsaCircle with your party decorations, or comment below if you have any other questions!

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