Balsa Circle

8 feet White Satin Fitted Tablecloth with 3 Layers Tulle

$38.99 $55.09

Dress up your tables with our lovely brand new satin fitted tablecloths!

Each tablecloth fits banquet rectangular table measuring 96" long x 30" wide x 30" tall.
Satin topper is approx. 96" long x 30" wide.
3 layers of tulle cascade down approx. 30" on each side.
Material: Satin and Nylon tulle.
Edges are folded and then hemmed.

Great for everyday, perfect for special occasions or events when you need an extra table, this fitted tablecloth beautifully dresses up your not-so-beautiful table - in an instant. It fits snugly over your folding utility table, skirting it completely so no unsightly frame is visible and the corner seaming offers a secure fit when it's windy. Simple, practical elegance is your solution for transforming ugly duckling of a table into a chic place to serve.