Balsa Circle

6 Teardrop Glass Hanging Terrariums

$19.99 $28.49

Create an enchanting display with terrariums from Balsa Circle!

Each order is for six (6) glass terrariums.
Each terrarium measures approx. 3.25" wide x 6.5" long.
Material: Glass.
Terrariums can be set flat on a surface or hung.
Terrariums include loop for hanging. Loop is 0.25" wide.
Other decorations are not included.

Our new glass terrariums will help you to create a unique look for your event. Perfect for special occasions or events, you can easily create centerpieces or make cute fairy gardens. Make them your own with favorite flowers or succulents, a touch of green is just what you need to bring the outdoors in and decorate your office or home - the possibilities are endless!