Balsa Circle

36 Chocolate Brown Extra Large Silk Carnations Flowers

$12.58 $18.11

Decorate your special day with Extra Large silk carnations from Balsa Circle!

Each order is for 4 bushes with 9 flowers per each bush.
36 carnations flowers per single order, they can be used individually or in bunches.
Each carnation measures approx. 5" wide x 5" tall.
Height of bush: 18" tall.

Make beautiful floral arrangements for your event with our extra large silk flowers! Carnations symbolize love and gratitude so they are the perfect flowers for weddings! These extra large silk carnations are surrounded by natural-looking green leaves and white baby breath and they can be used as single flowers or in bunches. Create bridal bouquets, boutonni res or corsages with silk extra large carnation flowers and let your creativity blossom!