Balsa Circle

26" tall Silver Mosaic Mirror Wedding Column Pedestal with Pearls

$135.99 $190.89

Wedding columns could be used in so many ways: Isles, Arches, Arbors, Altars, Gazebos, Backdrops, Pergolas, Balustrades, Tables, Floral stands, Picture and Floral displays. Wonderful decorative accents that can be installed permanently or set up for temporary displays or events. These decorative ceramic columns are ideal for weddings, display stands, parties, banquets or trade shows.

Each order is for one (1) column.
Height: approx. 26".
Top width: approx. 13" diameter.
Base is approx. 12" wide and 1" thick.
Pearl flowers beads are approx. 0.8" wide.
Columns are studded with pearls and accented with mirror mosaic.
Material: Ceramic.
Additional decorations are not included.