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2 Yellow 7 in wide Sunflower Kissing Flower Balls

$11.68 $16.85

Create the perfect mood for your event with these charming sunflower kissing flower balls! High-quality silk sunflowers are put together to form a soft, decorative flower ball. Each silk pomander ball has a ribbon so you can easily hang it anywhere you want to bring a pop of colors. Whether for your weddings, parties, events or even in any space in your home, these flower balls will be perfect as centerpieces or as hanging decorations that will last for years.

Each order is for two (2) kissing flower balls.
Diameter: approx. 7 inches.
Sunflower size: approx. 3 inches wide.
Hanging ribbon length: approx. 6 inches.
23 flowers per kissing ball.
Material: Silk with satin ribbon.
Other decorations are not included.
Upon arrival, we recommend removing the kissing balls from the packaging and allowing them to expand. We also recommend steaming the flowers, so that they fluff up and take their full form.