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2 Hunter Green 18x18 in Square Lamour Satin Throw Pillow Covers with Gold Geometric Print

$9.99 $14.49


These decorative throw pillow covers will instantly update your home decor with new a style and design. With metallic geometric prints on both sides, these Lamour satin pillow covers will add a quiet sophistication to a sofa, chaise or bed. The durable zipper blends well with the design and the wide opening makes it easy to insert and remove your square pillows. These throw pillow covers are just perfect for highlighting your couch or sofa and a fashionable way to decorate your living room, bedroom and more!

Each order is for two (2) pillow covers.
Length: approx. 18 inches.
Width: approx. 18 inches.
Foil print size: approx. 5mm.
Zipper length: approx. 15 inches.
Material: Lamour satin with foil.
The geometric print appears on both sides of the pillow cover.
The zipper is designed to blend well with the design.
Fabric Care: Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. Hang to dry or tumble dry at low temperature.
Pillows and other decorations are not included.