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168 Cream Velvet Open Roses Artificial Flowers DIY Wedding Centerpieces

$32.18 $45.55

Decorate your special day with our velvet open roses!

Green 13" high stem.
168 rose buds per each order, 24 bushes, 7 rose buds per bush.
Roses can be used individually or in bushes.
Flower: 3" wide x 2" tall.
Upon arrival, we recommend removing the flowers from the packaging and allowing them to expand. We also recommend steaming the flowers, so that they fluff up and take their full form.

With our specialty crafted velvet roses, there are endless possibilities in creating a bouquet for weddings or simple decorations for events and parties. Lovely velvet open roses are bright, colorful, inexpensive and economical; a must have for any type of celebration. Their soft velvet petals have detailed veins and natural variations, giving them a realistic look. These luscious, openly blooming velvet roses are perfect in a bouquet, or a centerpiece of their own. Available in a huge variety of colors, you'll find flowers to match any color scheme.