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10 Coral 3 Layer Breathable Disposable Face Masks Protective Covers

$1.99 $3.29


These disposable face masks with soft and elastic ear loops are made with 3 layers of breathable, non-woven synthetic fabric that is cut into a rectangular shape and has pleats to help it expand and fit more snugly around your face. They are designed to be used just once, please replace them when they get moist. 

Each order is for ten (10) masks.
Unexpanded size:  approx. 7 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.
Unstretched earloop: approx. 3 inches wide.
Fully stretched earloop: approx. 5 inches wide.
Elastic Soft Ear-loops.
Material: Non-woven fiber fabric.
Comfortable, Breathable, Soft and Skin-friendly, and Easy to use.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any returns / exchanges on this product are NOT accepted. These are NOT considered medical grade and should not be used in hospital settings.