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5 Cylinder Pedestal Metallic Fitted Spandex Display Stand Covers Set

$25.99 $36.89

These metallic spandex display stand covers will help you set the scene for parties, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and events. Simple yet elegant, these stretchable fabrics will instantly complete the look of your cylinder acrylic stands. Perfect for creating centerpieces, for highlighting your dessert, candles or floral displays or simply for adding style and color to your party backdrops. These pedestal covers can also be used for home decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Each order is for five (5) display stand covers.
There are 5 different sizes.
Extra small stand cover: approx. 19.5 inches tall x 11 inches wide.
Small stand cover: approx. 21.5 inches tall x 12 inches wide.
Medium stand cover: approx. 23.5 inches tall x 12.5 inches wide.
Large stand cover: approx. 29.5 inches tall x 14 inches wide.
Extra large stand cover: approx. 35.5 inches tall x 16 inches wide.
Thickness: approx. 130 GSM.
Material: Spandex.
Perfectly fit with our set of cylinder acrylic display stands.
Pedestals, flowers and other decorations are not included.