Balsa Circle

4 pcs Clear Glass Trumpet Centerpiece Vases

$42.99 $60.69

Decorate your special day with our glass vases! Our vases are great for weddings, parties, events or simply using it in your own home. Vases are made from heavy duty glass and is a top choice for flower shops and wedding planners.

Each order is for four (4) vases.
*Height: approx. 11 inches.
Depth: approx. 8 inches.
Width: approx. 3 inches.
Base measures approx. 3" wide.

*Height: approx. 13 inches.
Depth: approx. 10 inches.
Opening: approx. 3.5 inches.
Base measures approx. 3.5" wide.

*Height: approx. 14 inches.
Depth: approx. 9.5 inches.
Opening: approx. 4.25 inches.
Base measures approx. 4.5" wide.

*Height: approx. 18 inches.
Depth: approx. 14 inches.
Width: approx. 6.5 inches.
Base measures approx. 5.25" wide.

*Height: approx. 20 inches.
Depth: approx. 18.75 inches.
Width: approx. 6.75 inches.
Base measures approx. 5.5" wide.
Material: Glass.
Each vase is hand-crafted, some slight variations between each may occur.
This purchase is for vases only.
Other decorations are not included.