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4 pcs 18 in. Clear Plastic Vases Cups Centerpieces

$18.99 $27.09

Plastic is a great vase option if you are worried about breaking or tipping over a glass vase. Create an amazing table centerpieces with these clear plastic decorative vases stands. Use the embellishments like pearls, ribbons and flowers to add your personal touch.

This purchase is for four (4) vases stands.
Height: approx. 18".
Width: approx. 5.25" with 4.5" base.
Material: Plastic.
Tall stem is hollow and could be filled with small beads, glitter, acrylic ice or more.

Create a sophisticated table decoration for a fancy holiday banquet, wedding reception, or romantic dinner at home. To lower the center of gravity and add some weight to your design, think about throwing in decorative accents like stones or rocks in the bottom. After the party, fill it flowers or beads for the perfect display on your window sill, mantle or desk.