Balsa Circle

2 Clear 4.5 in Lotus Flower Crystal Glass Tealight Candle Holders

$14.99 $21.49

Create elegant decorations for your special day with glass candle holders! Crafted from high quality glass designed like a lotus flower, these artistic pieces are excellent for party decor and homes. Great for showcasing your tealight, votive, taper or LED candles. Set the candles of your choice and enjoy a cozy atmosphere at your weddings, parties, events or in your own home.

Each order is for two (2) candle holders.
Height: approx. 4.5 inches.
Width: approx. 4.5 inches.
Middle cup size: approx. 1.75 inch wide x 0.75 inch tall.
Material: Glass.
Candles, flowers and other decorations are not included.
Glass Care: Before using, handwash each glass piece with warm soapy water and rinse well to remove any dust and dirt that accumulated during transit. Dry using a lint-free cloth. A 50/50 vinegar and water solution can be used to clean the glass for maximum finish and clarity. Rinse and dry well after a few hours. Cleaning using the dishwasher is not recommended.