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50 Disposable Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery Spoons Forks and Knives Set

$8.99 $13.09

Entertainment just got easier. Serve your guests using these upscale spoons, forks and knives and let your great food speak for itself. Disposable plastic cutlery is a great choice for weddings, dinner parties, holiday dinners, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays or any fine dining occasion.

Each order is for fifty (50) cutlery.
10 small and 10 big spoons, 10 small and 10 big forks and 10 knives.
Small spoon: approx. 7.25 inches long x 1 inch wide
Big spoon: approx. 8.5 inches long x 2 inches wide.
Small fork: approx. 7.25 inches long x 1.5 inch wide.
Big fork: approx. 9 inches long x 1 inch wide.
Knife size: approx. 8.5 inches long x 0.5 inch wide.
Material: Plastic.
Plates, chargers and other decorations are not included.