Balsa Circle, LLC

50 Clear 12 oz Plastic Stand-Up Drink Pouches with Straws

$10.99 $15.89

Take your favorite beverages wherever you go with these handy stand-up plastic drink pouches. These plastic smoothie bags are made with a reclosable hand-held zipper to secure your favorite drinks and prevent any leaks or spills while you're on the move. Arriving with colorful straws, these drink pouches are a fun and practical alternative to traditional cups or bottles. Use them at weddings, parties, pool parties, bridal and baby showers or any special occasions.

Each order is for fifty (50) drink pouches and 50 straws
Length: approx. 9 inches.
Width: approx. 5 inches.
Fillable size: approx. 6.75 inches long x 5 inches wide.
Capacity: approx. 12 oz.
Straw length: approx. 10.75 inches.
Straw color: Assorted.
Material: Plastic.
Tableware, flowers and other decorations are not included.