Rock Holiday Gifting! Best Host and Hostess Gift Ideas 2019

The season of love and celebration is drawing near, and we are gearing up to attend dinners and holiday parties. From Christmas Eve celebrations to family house get-togethers to special holiday festivities, Thanksgiving parties to New Year's Eve countdowns, we are as excited as you are to celebrate and feast with our loved ones. However, during the coming holiday season, you have to be prepared to share amazing gifts with your hosts or hostesses! 

While some know exactly what to offer as a gift to their host or hostess, some other guests have no clue. Are you planning to attend a dinner or celebration during the holiday season? Are you looking for perfect holiday gift ideas for your host or hostess in 2019? Great! To discover our top five holiday gift ideas, read further as we take you through the best host and hostess gift ideas for 2019.

Homemade Treats or Boxed Candies | Best Host and Hostess Gift Ideas 2019 Balsa Circle

Homemade Treats or Boxed Candies

Nothing tastes better than a homemade treat! Thank your host or hostess with homemade treats such as fudge or cookies. Made with love, homemade treats show your level of thoughtfulness and just how much you care.

It's also a great time to get creative! Maybe there's a recipe that will become a favorite. We always look forward to getting holiday toffee from our friends! Take your time to prepare these treats to make them taste delicious and special - making test cookie batches is our favorite holiday tradition here at Balsa Circle! You can further include the recipe with the homemade treat in a gift box in case your host or hostess wants to make the same in the future. 

Candles and Candle Holders

Real or LED candles are perfect for the holidays! Gifting your host or hostess with a metallic candle holder will melt their hearts and make them appreciate your gesture. It is because candles add a romantic feel to the home and its interior. They can also be used for holiday celebrations, Thanksgiving, New Year parties, and so on.

For home decor or party decorations, pair candles with Balsa Circle candle holders - they are sure to add a cozy feel to any living space. They are also very affordable and serve as the extra touch of elegance! Surprise your host or hostess with a candle holder, it's sure to be most appreciated. Quick note - if you're not sure what your host or hostess might like, go for a classic design! We love these in rose gold, they can be used year-round so they are always in style!

2 Gold Metal 4
Artificial Succulents | Best Host and Hostess Gift Ideas 2019 Balsa Circle

Artificial Plants

With the holidays upon us, artificial plants such as succulents in glass terrariums can be a great holiday gift idea for your host or hostess. Beautiful artificial plants like succulents can serve as Thanksgiving centerpieces for your host or hostess as well. It will be much appreciated if your host or hostess is particularly interested in interior decor. At Balsa Circle, our succulents can naturally be used as centerpieces for several holiday events.

For a touch of beauty and organic appeal to a living space, this mini tree with a concrete planter offers limitless decorating options. You can shop for this gift idea without splurging much, and with little maintenance, it can be used for a long period. Our glass wall hanging terrariums are also an excellent choice for your host and hostess - you can even DIY your own holiday design! They make beautiful gifts for home decor and perfect for holiday celebrations or events.

Fabric Napkins and Napkin Rings

Sequined or velvet napkins with napkins rings make truly unique host or hostess gifts. Especially when you gift them with one they would seldom get by themselves. Fabric napkins are such a treat - the perfect thank you gift for someone who loves to throw parties! 

Crafted from high-quality luxe velvet or sparkly sequin fabric, our lovely napkins will be much appreciated by your host or hostess. They can use these napkins to set a welcoming party tabletop at home or use them for special holiday events. You can't go wrong with a neutral color like silver or champagne.

Sequin or velvet napkins with napkin rings are also very affordable and worth the investment.  Show your level of appreciation to your hosts or hostesses by shopping for these unique napkins!

4 Blush Acrylic Napkin Rings | Best Host and Hostess Gift Ideas 2019 Balsa Circle
Wine or Non-alcoholic Cider | Best Host and Hostess Gift Ideas 2019 Balsa Circle

Wine or Non-alcoholic Cider

Your host or hostess is sure to appreciate a nice bottle of wine or non-alcoholic cider. After a long week of preparation, a nice bottle of wine will help your host or hostess relax. Non-alcoholic cider is also suitable for stress management, relaxation, and is an excellent choice for good health. So, we believe a holiday gift idea like this one will make your host or hostess happy. If you are working on a budget, it is also a great choice to splurge on without having to spend a ton of money. Most non-alcoholic cider bottles are incredibly affordable and budget-friendly. Some wine bottles do not cost much but taste great as well, so you might choose to opt for one. Have a favorite? Share it with us in the comments!

Make sure to share your gift ideas in the comments - what would you love to receive if you were hosting a party? Host and hostess gifts are not required of course, but they are appreciated! After so many days of preparation and hard work to host you to a treat at their event, offering a gift to your host or hostess shows them your thanks and love. As the holiday season draws closer, make the most of it by sharing love and positivity through your gifts!

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